Know Where to Go in Pittsburgh
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Who We Are
Know Where to Go publishes top-of-the-line popular best-sellers with latest information about the city for
everyone who has ever touched Pittsburgh – residents, visitors, students, tourists and business people. Its products include the Rich/Poor Man’s Guide to Pittsburgh – a restaurant & sightseeing guide; the one and only Pittsburgh Walking Map and Guide; the 2015 Pittsburgh Events Calendar unique in the U.S.; and Pittsburgh gift packages.

We love telling the world what a wonderful place our hometown is to live, work and visit and about the amazing beauty of  city – its greenness, breathtaking natural setting, rich ethnic background, civic and cultural life, and wide variety of things to do here.

We designed all of our Know Where to Go publications to help you discover the city’s hidden secrets and the best of Pittsburgh. Any one of these beautifully designed publications is a perfect Pittsburgh gift. You won’t want to miss these mementos of the city to share with your family, friends, co-workers and Pittsburgh lovers everywhere.